How To Gain 10 Times Profit Easily

GAE10X Quantum Metal Package

-Capital for 1 unit is as much as USD250 (RM1100)

-The company will provide 9 additional units worth USD2250

-The total unit you invest is 10 units

-So your total investment will be USD2500

-The price spread of gold sold to us is charged as much as 3%

And the cost of management fee is charged as much as 3.5% per year and MUST be paid in advance when subscribing to the package for the additional financing provided.

Spread – The price of gold sold to us is subject to a price spread/markup of 3%. This is the profit that Quantum Metal gets from us every gold purchase. For example, the current price of 1 gram of gold is worth RM280. But the gold sold to us is subject to a spread (profit charge) of 3% which makes 1 gram of gold that we buy has become RM280 x 3% (RM8.40) = RM288.40.

Management Fee – the management charge is a charge applied to the financing provided. If you buy a package of 1 unit of GAE10X, then Quantum Metal provides financing of 9 additional units. These 9 additional units will be charged a management fee of 3.5% per year. Example. 9 additional units are equivalent to USD250 x 9 = 2250. The management fee charge is USD2250 x 3.5% = USD78.75. Because the equivalent value of this charge is approximately RM352. So when you buy a package of GAE10X 1 unit for USD250, you have to pay a one-time management fee of USD78.75. Got it.