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GOLD Storage Account (GSA)

GSA Is A Gold Savings Account At Quantum Metal.

  • You can buy and save Gold for as low as RM10.00.
  • You can make purchases online at any time.
  • You can sell online at any time.
  • Gold can be redeemed online at any time.
  • You can transfer to your bank account online at any time.
  • You can transfer to another member's gold account at any time.
Quantum Metal Register

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- Gold Asset Leverage Product

- Double Savings 5/10 Times

- Low capital to purchase units

  1. GAE 1X5 = 1 unit (USD25)
  2. GAE 1X10 = 1 unit (USD250)

- Special Products Not Available In Other Companies

- Provided Additional Capital Tawaruq Financing 91% Per Purchase of 1 Unit

- Financing Fee Only 3.5% Per Year Or +RM0.90 / Per Day

- No MARGIN CALL When Gold Prices Fall

- 5X Or 10X Double Profit Every Gold Price Increase In The Global (World) Market

- No Time Limit For Selling Gold Units

10X Profit5X profit


Gold Asset Leverage Product

This account is a gold leasing account.

- We can lease gold up to 91% of our gold savings in the Gold Storage Account (GSA) and get cash.

- The wage rate is charged at 3.5% per year of the lease amount.

- The leasing process can be done during working hours only.

- Leasing repayment can be done gradually, pay in one go or can pay in the 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year, 5th year or no need to repay due to the increase in the price of gold after 5 years expected to exceed the wage rate.

Unlimited Request

Available In More Than 60 Different Countries Around The World

Get Some Good Tips And Information Of Gold

Discover valuable tips and tricks for managing your gold investment by clicking on our informative articles.

With their guidance, I purchased gold at USD 250 and sold it for USD 282.17, earning a profit of USD 32.17. Thank you Dazz Gold for helping me achieve my financial goals.

12.9% profit in 18 dyas

John Dae


The price has now returned to the peak price in the highest zone line, as before.

In this zone line, for the past 3 years, the price has attempted several times to break out from the sideways (accumulation) zone.

If this zone is successfully breached (Resistance), then the price will BREAKOUT. And if the price manages to stay without a FAKE breakout, then the price will continue to rise... God willing. 

THAT'S ALL, Hopefully, it's beneficial. SK.



12.9% profit in 18 dyas

John Dae

Profit RM401 (25% in 10 Days )


12.9% profit in 18 dyas

John Dae

Profit RM353.42 (7.73% in 67 Days )





12.9% profit in 18 dyas

John Dae

Profit RM660 (42% in 12 Days )


12.9% profit in 18 dyas

John Dae

Profit RM647.30 (41.6% in 16 Days )


12.9% profit in 18 dyas

John Dae

Profit RM2,815 (45.3% in 15 Days )


12.9% profit in 18 dyas

John Dae