Savings of RM 1,500 Can Become Gold Assets of RM 10,000​

Savings of RM 1,500 Can Become Gold Assets of RM 10,000

It seems illogical but that’s the truth. You are lucky to be able to read and learn about this opportunity. 

It is suitable for those of you who have savings that have not been used for 3 years, such as saving for going to Hajj, home renovation, collecting a house deposit, wanting to buy a car in cash and so on.

I want to make it easy to understand. Look at the picture above.

The value below changes depending on the current gold price and the USD exchange rate.

Focus on Paid Amount.

You withdraw approximately RM 1,485.79 from your savings and buy asset gold worth RM 10,970.17 and get a holding of 40.42691 grams of gold.

Of course it feels strange, how do you get a lot of grams?

Because the company provides FlexiGold facilities to those who buy gold to keep.

This FlexiGold given increases the purchase of grams on our behalf causing us to get that many grams.

When there are a lot of grams, then the increase in the value of gold is also a lot. This is what we want.

What are the fees?

We pay fees a year and if we sell in less than a year, some of the fees are returned according to the remaining days. This means that these fees are charged by the company on a daily basis

Do you have to pay back?

There is no need to pay monthly or use your own money to pay back because when we sell the gold, the company will take back the value of the flexigold from the value of the gold we have.

Below are ways to get gold savings.


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